Story 1. Cloud

Wall-mounted Vase “Cloud”

First, I imagined what kind of vase I would hang on the wall.

At that point, I came to imagine what kind of wall I wanted to have and what kind of room I wanted to live in.

Then, I realized that I was longing for a room with heartwarming clouds floating in it.

But why is it that I want to be under the clouds while in my room?

“One’s own closed private space” and “open space (outside, natural world)”, perhaps, both can be attractive spaces for people.


Production stated : August 9, 2020
Production completed : August 12, 2020
Materials: Clay, wood, glass, resin, iron wire

Outside and inside. The wall separates the two.

“Decorating a room with flowers” can be understood as an act of cutting out part of nature inside the room.

A “wall” separates and separates the outside from the inside, the natural from the man-made, the world from the self.

The wall is a boundary.

The wall-mounted vase will exist right on border.

In other words, the vase may be playing a role in blending the two areas, the outside and the inside, and blurring the boundaries between them.

Photo by Will Francis on Unsplash

Why do we decorate our rooms with flowers?

Decorating a room with flowers, I think, resonates with the feeling of “getting closer to nature” and “feeling nature itself.” If we simply want to feel nature, we may as well go outdoors and enjoy life in there.

However, instead of bringing ourselves into the outside nature, bringing flowers into our own rooms may be the result of our self-centered desire to make nature our own and to make our own space more comfortable. By so doing, we are shortening the life of flowers.

Thinking so may make us feel that decorating with flowers is somewhat a self-centered consumption behavior. But in reality, we just want to live better, more comfortably, and more beautifully, and we have no ill will toward nature or anyone else.

In other words, flowers are recognized as “things that heal us and have value, no matter where they are.” Therefore, flowers and other plants may be beings that can go back and forth between the outside and the inside. They belong to everyone, and you can make it your own.

Their existence itself is of value. No matter how much you appreciate them, they won’t decrease, and it doesn’t matter who sees them. You can give it to someone, and even if you don’t do anything, it will eventually wither and disappear.

Why do we “decorate with flowers”?

To connect the boundaries between the outside (or others) and the inside (self) — This may be one answer.

This project of mine has given me the opportunity of considering the relationships between the outside and the inside, and between nature and artificiality.

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