Story 4. Inside

Round shape vase “Inside”.

There are multiple places inside the arc where you can insert flowers, allowing you to arrange various types of plants.

From "separation from walls and floors" to "separation of space".

The previous work [Independent] used the motif of “seeds” that exist as separate and independent entities, detached from the walls and floors.

This work [Inside] is a vase with the concept of “separation of space”, further advancing the idea of “separation”.

In general, a vase can be interpreted as ‘a device for bringing flowers into a room’. A vase can change the atmosphere and impression of that space.

This [Inside] allows flowers to be arranged within the interior space of the vase.

It separates the open space of the room from the enclosed space inside the vase.

The concept is not to arrange flowers in the room, but to place the space where the flowers are arranged inside the room. The center point of the space is shifted inside the vase.
The term “center point of the space” refers to “where to perceive something as the central point.”

For example, we usually think, “I exist on Earth and I am surrounded by the air around me.” However, if we imagine that the center of the entire universe or world is located within our stomach, we can think, “With my body encompassing the entirety of the universe in an inverted form of my stomach, everything in the universe is enveloped by ‘my body’.”

Genpei Akasegawa
Canned Universe 1964/1994

Putting the canned label on the inside reverses the inside and outside. Then, the place where the crab stays becomes the outside of the can, and all the outer space = the universe is packed inside the can.

The interior space of the vase contains only the presence of flowers.

It is an ultimately pure space where there is nothing else, just flowers.

Understanding the world by distinguishing between the internal and external.

What exist within oneself can be held separate from the external world.

The value and beauty of one’s inner self can sometimes remain hidden and only known to the individual, without being manifested outwardly.
Alternatively, there are times when one may not be aware of it themselves, but others can still recognize it.

The flow of time in the inner world and the outer world is different, and the meaning and value of things that exist there are also different.

For example, let’s say there is an elderly person
sitting quietly in a park. Someone observing them may think, “They seem idle.
Don’t they have anything to do?” However, contrary to their appearance, the person may actually be generating ideas one after another in their mind, with thoughts racing rapidly.”

For example, in a school class, a girl who is perceived by others as “quiet” may actually have more adventurous dreams and plans than anyone else.

“If there is a discrepancy between external and internal values, what can be determine as the “right thing? It cannot be determined.

It might be possible to consider the “separated inner world (space)” as being independent from everything else.

How to create the world inside the vase, how it appears when placed in the room, and what that beauty within him/her is – what could it be? Is there something within oneself?

With that in mind, I gently polished the arc of this vase.

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