Story 8. Hole

A round hole that suddenly appears in a square room literally punches a hole in the world shaped within the confines of everyday life.

Story 7. In between the panels

"True things," hidden stories, and meaningful daily life exist in moments not captured by the media.

Story 6. Reaction

I attempted to express the reaction that result from challenges by portraying them as “changes in boundaries,” in changes of the water’s surface. It is positioned as the follow-up to the ‘Pond’.

Story 5. Pond

On that water surface, there is a space as if time has come to a complete standstill—no waves, no wind, just tranquility.

Story 4. Inside

The interior space of the vase contains only the presence of flowers. It is an ultimately pure space where there is nothing else, just flowers.

Story 3. Independent

A single flower vase shaped like a seed. When arranging flowers, it appears as if sprouts emerge from the seeds, transforming into stems and blooming into flowers.

Story 2. Dimension

The vase is designed to pinch the wall and pull it forward, creating a curved surface without boundaries from the flat wall where flowers can be inserted.


Story 1. Cloud

“Decorating a room with flowers” can be understood as an act of cutting out part of nature inside the room.

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